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Family Law

Covelli Law Offices has the knowledge and experience to assist and guide you during this very stressful and emotional time in your life. View our services below and contact us today if you need any help with the process.


Divorce is both an emotional separation and a financial division – an outcome that no one hopes for. Covelli Law Offices can assist you during this difficult time.

While “fault” divorce decrees continue to be available in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the vast majority of divorces today are issued via an uncontested
or “no-fault” basis. Note that “fault” may still be an important consideration, in
regard to issues such as spousal support or alimony.

The uncontested or “no-fault” divorce may be granted one of two ways: The first is called a “bilateral” uncontested divorce, where both spouses execute consents to the divorce (90 days after the defendant spouse is served with the Complaint).

The second type of “no-fault” divorce is known as a “unilateral” uncontested divorce. This type of divorce requires a two (2) year separation of the parties and
the filing of an Affidavit supporting the specific date of separation. The Pennsylvania Courts have, in certain circumstances, allowed a divorce decree to be pursued when the parties lived “separate and apart” – notwithstanding the fact that they remained living separate while still “under the same roof!”

Support (Child & Spousal)

Verifying the earning potential is vitally important so that the proper amount of monetary
support may be calculated. We have vast experience in this aspect of domestic proceedings. Our lawyers will make certain that the Court also considers all regular expenses necessary to maintain assets.

Professionals and high earners must always immediately meet with experienced legal counsel, concerning the proper preparation for attending this critical financial court proceeding. Prompt action can protect assets – and income!

Records regarding education, employment skills and prior location / employment related history can all be used as barometers for the proper establishment (or recalculation through review)
of a Support Order.  Complex support proceedings require an analysis of “reasonable needs” – along with a Court determination of earnings (and sometimes “earning capacity”).

Child Custody & Visitation

The child custody aspects of Pennsylvania Domestic Law are sometimes very
contentious and emotionally charged. However, the Court will always view circumstances in light of the effect upon the minor children – and consider what is in their “best interest.” Stability is always an important factor. The effect upon the child or
children will be viewed from the standpoint of the social, emotional, educational, and
medical well-being of children.

At Covelli Law, we are always willing to engage in discussion as to the particular facets of your custodial situation. We have litigated many complicated, contested, custodial proceedings, and will put our expertise to work for your family!

Division of Assets

Issues surrounding the prompt and complete identification and valuation of marital assets should be initiated at the outset of a domestic Court proceeding. This is especially true if you or your spouse own a business, hold investments, or have retirement assets! We will obtain asset documentation and seek appraisals in order
to make certain that the settlement is thorough and fair.

Settlement should be pursued as a cost effective alternative to contested litigation,
but our clients are confident in the ability to make an informed decision as to the
suitability of any settlement proposal.